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Building Corridors in Digital Development to Fulfill National Commitment”

Date:2017-02-21 10:20:32

SAMENA Telecommunications Council’s Beyond Connectivity conference is an annual event, bringing together senior to top-executives from regulatory bodies, telecom operator groups, technology companies, as well as other ICT industry players, including management consulting companies.
The goal of Beyond Connectivity is to serve as a knowledge-sharing platform and to convene industry experts together, to discuss industry matters and business areas of interest to the industry, while providing a networking platform for the Council’s members. A key outcome of the discussions of the BYC conference has been the escalation of industry priorities and issues to the decision-making and policy-making tiers of the ICT industry, triggering further policy-level dialogue on key matters, with the involvement of both private and public sector stakeholders.
The BYC conference has also served companies as a platform for announcing business partnerships. Various members of SAMENA Telecommunications Council have also used the strategically themed BYC events to showcase their innovations, new products and services.
Topics of Discussion
Competition & Sustainability
o Achieving sustainable advantages in the telco business
o Components of long-term and sustainable investment in national digital development
Digital Financial inclusion – ICT & Financial sector inclusion
o Cornerstones of digital inclusion and a healthy ICT ecosystem
o From e-government to smart connectedness
o Policy and regulatory frameworks impeding digital development opportunities
Regional Digital Transformation
o Setting digital policy priorities through inter-ministerial co-ordination and collaboration
o Engagement and participation of public/private stakeholders in national digital development policy
o Governmental responsibilities in technology adoption, fostering innovation, and catalyzing digital change
Taxation & Digital Economy
o Impact of national budget deficit on telco network economics
o New tax obligations for telecom operators and the investment landscape in Oman
The Economics of Data Flows across Countries
o The use and economic impact of data
o Challenges and priorities in cross-border data flows
Beyond Connectivity 2017
16th March, 2017
Muscat – Oman

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