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Jordan Leads 88 Countries in the World on the Entrepreneurship Index

Date:2018-01-07 09:01:02

AMMAN - The Information and Communications Technology Association (Int@J) commended the Kingdom’s advanced level of the entrepreneurship index for 2018, where Jordan was ahead of 88 countries in the world, ranking 49th globally in the entrepreneurship index based on the Global Entrepreneurship Development Institute. Accordingly, “Int@j” declared in a statement that Jordan advanced to 7th place in 2018 index as compared to 2017, in which the Kingdom ranked 56th globally.
“Int@j” stressed that Jordan has become a leading country in light of adopting the entrepreneurs, especially in its pursuit of providing every opportunity, as well as encouraging the empowerment for a generation of young entrepreneurs through numerous initiatives of “Int@j”, such as Darat Alriyadah Initiative and the Thousand Entrepreneurs Initiative.
“Int@j” highlighted that Darat Alriyadah Initiative is deemed to be the first step in framing entrepreneurship in Jordan, as it has provided the technical and advisory support to the associate youth, through providing them with office space, in order to carry out their business and empower them to obtain the professional licenses, in cooperation with the Amman Chamber of Commerce.
The concerned Association also pointed that the launch of the Thousand Entrepreneurs Initiatives a result of its partnership with the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology in the ICT Forum of 2016, aiming at empowering youth who have the genuine idea, capacity and deep commitment to transform it into a production project and increase their business volume.
The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Information and Communications Technology Association (Int@j) Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh said that this new arrangement is considered a new achievement, but we need further combined efforts to make Jordan one of the top 10 countries.
Dr. Hawamdeh mentioned that production plays a considerable role in developing the entrepreneurship in Jordan; however, the unprecedented situation of coordination should be created among all actors of the public and private sectors to support the initiatives of entrepreneurs.
He also commended the role of the telecommunications companies in managing and supervising three business incubators, besides the role of Oasis 500, the iPark incubator in the Royal Scientific Society, apart from several Jordanian universities that have started to provide a stimulating entrepreneurial environment.
“There are numerous opportunities for youth to translate their ideas into actionable projects,” Hawamdeh said, calling on the government bodies to create centers specialized in entrepreneurship, particularly in the underprivileged regions across all govern orates.