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ANIB Introduces New F&I Products in Partnership with Al Nabooda Automobiles

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DUBAI - In a steadfast commitment to ensuring unmatched protection for esteemed clients, ANIB is thrilled to announce the launch of its innovative F&I products. Demonstrating a strong dedication to meeting the diverse needs of customers, they have meticulously crafted these enhanced insurance solutions to elevate the safeguarding of your vehicles to unprecedented levels. 

Developed in collaboration with NGI, the underwriter of the product, and administered by Waypoint Systems, the new suite of products delivers a comprehensive range of benefits, providing you with the confidence to navigate the open road while safeguarding your valuable asset from various angles. The key offerings include: 

GAP Insurance: 
Tailored for new, pre-owned, and older models sold by the dealership, this solution helps protect your car in the event of a total loss by bridging the gap between the insurance payout and the original invoice or insured value. 

SMART Repair: 
Empowering customers to address dents and minor scratches without filing an insurance claim, this feature also covers alloy wheel repairs and tire replacements up to the claims limit based on the chosen location. It contributes not only to the preservation of your vehicle but also enhances its resale value. 

Key Loss Insurance: 
Covering the cost of replacing your car keys, including reprogramming immobilizers and alarms, up to the specified Claims Limit. 

Excess Waiver: 
Providing coverage by paying the Excess/Deductible mandated by your Motor insurance company during incidents within the policy cover. Options are available to cover any additional excess applicable to the policy. 

Key Features of Our Policies: 
Flexible Options: 
Acknowledging the uniqueness of every driver, ANIB offers customizable policy options, allowing you to tailor your coverage to fit your specific needs and budget. 

Competitive Pricing: 
ANIB remains steadfast in offering competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of service.
Easy Claims Process: 
ANIB claims process is designed to be simple and efficient, ensuring that clients receive the support they need precisely when they need it most. 

Dayan V IPE, CEO of Waypoint Systems, expressed pride, stating, "At Waypoint Systems, our commitment to excellence in auto protection is evident through our partnerships with leading automotive brands in the AMEA region. Our collaboration with Al Nabooda Insurance Brokers & Al Nabooda Automobiles underscores our dedication to providing added value, protection, and peace of mind." 

Carl Mathew, Vice President of Motor Affinity, added, "We're thrilled to introduce the new Insurance products, the culmination of our dedication to serving our clients with the best protection. Whether you're a daily commuter or a weekend road-trip enthusiast, our coverage has been carefully crafted with you in mind. We understand that every driver is unique, and our policies reflect that diversity." 

Whether you navigate daily commutes or embark on weekend getaways, ANIB new Car Insurance policy ensures comprehensive coverage. Don't leave your vehicle's protection to chance—experience the difference with ANIB's enhanced insurance coverage today! 

For more information or to experience the ANIB advantage, please visit or contact: +971 2 639 9342