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Q1: Is it a free service?
Absolutely, it is a free service provided by TAG-IT News Agency.

Q2: Do I have to subscribe?
No, unless you want to receive the latest IT headlines in your email. If you do, simply sign up in our Mailing List and let us do the rest.

Q3: Can I download the TAG-IT News Agency Ticker?
Yes, you can download the Ticker by simply clicking on the Download Our News Ticker, and it will immediately start functioning.

Q4: What will I receive when I sign up to the Mailing List?
You will receive the latest IT headlines.

Q5: I have a company dealing with Information Technology and I would like to send news concerning our events. Is that possible and if yes, how much will it cost me?
After making the necessary editing, we will be pleased to publish your news FREE of charge.

Q6: Do I have to install special software to receive the service?
No, just simply go to our UR: for instant activation.

Q7: How can I find a news item, article or event from your archive that was previously published on your website?
All you have to do is use our Search Engine. Simply type any word/s relating to the required item, and then select it from the search results shown.

Q8: I used the Search Engine but without any success.

Use our Advanced Search Engine. However, try to be more specific this time by providing some clues to your searched item, such as the number of the news item, text, its source or its publishing date.

Q9: I still can’t find the news item, but I remember part of the caption of the image that accompanied it? Can it be used for my search?
Great. Type the words you remember in the Image Caption section and you will find it.

Q10: Can I get information about an upcoming event?
Our Events' section aims at displaying all IT activities, workshops, conferences or seminars to keep you updated. The days with IT events are clearly marked to make it easier for you to recognize.

Q11: Does this service cover specific regions or the entire world?
The service is intended to cover IT news from around the world.

Q12: How to contact us?
Please visit the  Contact Us page.

Q13: How to contribute my article?
If you are interested in publishing your article via our News Agency website, kindly submit your article in Word document or HTML format at: TAG-News Contact Us section. After reviewing your article, our Editorial Department will communicate to you the appropriate feedback. The Department reserves all rights of editing your article when seen necessary.
Please make sure to include the following information:

1- Name and title.

2- Email address.

3- Organization’s name (if any)

4- Telephone number (optional)